CREATIVE Soundscapes

We are a Los Angeles-based, boutique production and publishing company providing cutting edge music and sound design for high end feature film, premium television and video game marketing.


CREATIVE Soundscapes is an industry-wide, highly regarded and successful music & musical sound design production and publishing company with a long reputation for excellence, and a vast experience in providing outstanding licensing services and custom work for all major US film and television studios. It was founded in Los Angeles by noted composer and recording artist Cato.

Responsible in part for the music and/or musical sound design in over a thousand high end movie and television trailers, CREATIVE Soundscapes is a leading area specialist in movie and television marketing, with credits including titles such as Blade Runner 2049, The Nutcracker And The Four Realms, Jurassic World 2, The Darkest Minds, Hotel Artemis, SHAZAM!, Alita: Battle Angel, Suspiria and Us, to name just a recent few.

CREATIVE Soundscapes’ catalog of published works consists of the following libraries:

The Foundry

Our Musical Sound Design and shorter music cues library, The Foundry is continuously composed and designed specifically for Feature Film, Video Game and Premium Television marketing campaigns, to help make their creation as innovative, easy, productive and successful as possible. Our releases from The Foundry are often inspired by our conversations with music supervisors and editors over the years, with us always aiming for, and they always needing, an even better organized and more comprehensive library of musical sound design. The Foundry, currently consisting of over 3,300 expertly crafted music and musical sound design titles, sees new releases every month and goes way beyond the best and most useful hits, rises and swooshes to cover all existing, as well as new, areas of musical sound design and simpler/shorter music cues. This includes the continuous release of specifically researched and useful new categories, like our new CRUCIAL series DRAMA DRONES which are represented in 36 keys each!

One of the main features of The Foundry is how it is organized and meta tagged in such a way as to make finding the sound you are looking for as easy as possible, no matter what type of trailer you are cutting, from the darkest horror to the silliest comedy. And, if you still can’t find it, we’ll make it for you, often overnight!


CatoWorks, our first library, represents the musical core of CREATIVE Soundscapes, spanning many years of musical innovation in most major genres of trailer focused or trailer friendly music. Not simply ‘production music’, CatoWorks includes selections from film scores and artist projects, specifically edited, mixed and produced for feature film, television and video game marketing. Cues from CatoWorks have underscored classic, major trailers ranging from Charlie’s Angels and The Mummy Returns to recent productions like Atomic Blonde, Red Sparrow and Murder On The Orient Express, and continue to be in increasing demand, as is our custom trailer scoring and overlay services.


Stratos is our premium library, a library where production music meets artist releases, blurring the lines between the two. So far we have released AEGIS, our excellent Orchestral Epic Adventure release, EPOS, featuring a highly curated selection of premium tracks aimed at high end drama, emotional and suspenseful drama productions, and our newest thundering and amazing hybrid Epic Action release, METAURUS. Several new Stratos releases are in the works.


CREATIVE Soundscapes has a long track record of highly successful and extensive custom trailer scoring / overlay work, including theatrical trailers for The Iron Lady (won 2 Oscar awards), Blade Runner 2049 (won 2 Oscar awards), Fences (won Oscar), Red Sparrow, Gringo, The Hurricane Heist, Murder On The Orient Express, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Silence, Jason Bourne, The Last Witch Hunter, Star Trek Beyond and, latest, John Wick 3, just to name a few.

We pride ourselves in delivering the most innovative yet spot on takes on a client’s directions and have never failed to meet a deadline. Sleep, what’s that? Clients often come to us especially when they need something unique, something which will help their trailer stand out from the din and that’s not traditional ‘trailer music’ per se, yet works even better as such for the trailer they are working on, whether it be more electronic or eclectic acoustic in nature, or a combination of the two. Sometimes it’s a crucial piece of evolving musical sound design (Murder On The Orient Express), and sometimes it’s the core of the trailer’s soundtrack (Blade Runner 2049, The Iron Lady).

If you want custom work of the very highest, most effective caliber, we’re your ‘go to’. If you haven’t already, give us a chance to prove it to you. There’s a reason why editors often say “let Cato do his thing”.

About CATO

Outside of publishing and licensing production music, CREATIVE Soundscapes publishes and/or represents the scores, artist projects and remixes of film/television composer, recording artist, remixer and company founder Cato (a.k.a. schwarzmodul, Circadian Delays, One Carrera Two and The Clamory). In addition to his top tier, prolific work in trailer music (which, as an artist, includes a remix of London Grammar and a collaboration with Eyvør, both for Game Of Thrones), Cato’s illustrious career so far include co-productions and/or remixes for “Robot Koch”, "T.Rex", “R.E.M.”, “Wendy Rae Fowler”, “The Who" and more for films, television and video games like "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", "How To Get Away With Murder" and “Need For Speed”. As a film composer, Cato has scored and written original music for award-winning feature films and documentaries for Oscar™ winning and nominated producers and directors incl. Dana Brunetti (“Mini’s First Time”) and Vince DiPersio (“Semper Fi: One Marine’s Journey”), as well as for directors Joe Carnahan ("Smokin' Aces") and John Curran ("Stone" - starring Robert De Niro, on a sound track shared with Jon Brion and Radiohead (uncredited), were Cato was asked to create the ‘sound of God’).

For original music for film, television, video games and commercials, as well as for some of his artist projects, Cato is represented by Visions From The Roof. To listen to select works by Cato, please visit SoundCloud. Cato releases dark ambient and dark techno as ‘schwarzmodul’ on LA-based record label Track Number Records, and regularly performs live in LA.


CREATIVE Soundscapes has been responsible in part for the music and/or musical sound design in almost a thousand high end movie and television trailers, with credits including Blade Runner 2049 for which Cato was picked, facing intense competition from major artists, to reimagine the classic themes from the original Blade Runner score by Vangelis. His reimaginations are used in all major trailers for the movie, including in the opening 70 seconds of the first theatrical trailer. Additional trailer credits include The Nutcracker And The Four Realms, Jurassic World 2, The Darkest Minds, Hotel Artemis, SHAZAM!, Alita: Battle Angel, Suspiria and Purge 4, just to name a recent few.

CREATIVE Soundscapes has published and/or produced a long list of original scores, music cues, artist tracks and remixes by Cato for film, television and video games. Please visit the IMDB for credits. CREATIVE Soundscapes and Cato have also scored numerous commercials for companies like Chrysler, Budweiser, Ford and Charles Schwab, art installations and other productions.


Our catalog is hosted on the Source Audio platform, as well as available delivered directly from us in various ways. If you are a feature film, premium television or video game marketing professional we would love to hear from you.

Sorry, we do not accept unsolicited composer, music or sound design demos at this time.